Jobs, founder of among the world’s best technology companies, Apple, continues to be a motivation during his life through his creations. Even today, after his unfortunate death, he will continue to inspire people who read his quotes by which he believed and guided his entire life and work by. One of these is “why join the Navy when you are able be described as a pirate” and yes it expresses the freedom of choice and what may be accomplished so long as you focus on a perception or belief and work for it.

Even though sometimes breaking the rules, thinking outside the box or tearing the therapy lamp apart is against society rules and beliefs, taking a chance on visions that are considered extravagant is important in case you strongly believe in them.


This is the character feature built by parents at very young ages and produced by the little one, teenager and young adult in the environment which he belongs. Almost always there is a moment in daily life if you hear someone say something captures your attention and you can find yourself contemplating that on how home or when you set down waiting to fall asleep. Curiosity is the reason why you research that idea and check out advantages and possibilities. Joining the navy is taking the safe side and guiding yourself by decades of strong community beliefs, but transforming into a pirate is definitely an idea born away from curiosity you would like to attempt to see what’s on the reverse side knowing that call is what makes you decide what you should do along with your life.


If your curiosity has been aroused, dedicating time to find out about a particular topic is simply driven by passion. Passion is created from pleasure and brings pleasure once you complete pre-set milestones and think of valuable results.


Even though curiosity and fervor play an important role in dedicating you to ultimately some area, vision is the fact that spark that enlightens on your path when you find yourself blocked, vision will be the light after the tunnel which you are going. Learning and researching with regards to a subject that you simply believe has become documented exhaustively could make you quit, but believing there is certainly more to find allows you to not give up.

Role Models

Today we are able to say that there’s no subject omitted by specialists of their research. Whether it be technology, medical discoveries, artistic techniques, people have tried it all. Along with every domain you’ll find anyone that has been a lot better than all others. These are role models: the individual’s which are curious enough to possess a vision and hang a bunch of their passion of their discovery. Medical is one of them and his awesome life story is a good example of never quitting to individuals worldwide. One which said “why join the Navy when you’re able to be a pirate” has probably been the highest pirate in mobile and communication technology, having an enormous hunger for quality and-end products. Reducing quality in order to create affordability hasn’t been his goal, the ones loved and definitely will love his creations because they know they get respect once they buy his products and legacy, so think about it if you choose who you would like to be and what you look for to produce.